Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Meppayil Ventures Private Limited. believes in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all our customers and those who visit our website. This policy is an attempt to elaborate upon the usage of the personal information provided to us to ensure the protection of the same. The company takes proactive measures to ensure the that the required steps are taken to keep the personal information of each of its customers and urges you to take a look at the terms stated below for the protection of your information. By accessing our website and declaring acknowledgement of having read and understood the policies given below, you agree to be bound by the terms stated below.


Any of the information which you share when using our site in an unencrypted manner and/or to an open, public environment or forum including (without limitation) any blog, chat room, albums, community, classifieds or discussion board, does not qualify as confidential, does not constitute Personal Information and is not subject to protection under our Privacy Policy.


Such public environments are accessible by third parties and therefore it is possible that third parties might collect and collate and use this information for their own purposes. On should for this reason, proceed with caution when deciding whether or not to share such information in such public environments.


Meppayil Ventures Private Limited is not liable to you or to any third party for any damages that might be suffered by either of the parties in case of any trouble arising from the disclosure of such information in any public environment. Disclose such information in a public environment at your own risk.


1.Marketing and Communication


If you register your email address on our website or via some other source you will receive regular promotional emails from us about latest offers, discounts and any upcoming events. In the event that you share with us your phone number as well, you might also receive messages from us via text or WhatsApp about the aforementioned.

Please do note however, that you can opt out of this communication by unsubscribing from this.


  1. Social Media Interaction


Should you choose to register with us via a third party such as social media websites or authentication services, Mypetbuddy may collect the information you have provided us with for promotional purposes.


  1. Cookies


We use cookies and other technologies to store certain specific information every time you visit any webpage on our website, enabling us to determine what parts of our website are most suited for your needs to serve advertising banners to you accordingly. You can choose to decline cookies but this would limit your scope of experience of visiting our website and all its features. We therefore recommend you accept the cookies for a more enjoyable experience on our website.

Please do note that our advertisers may probably also use cookies, and over them, we have no control.


  1. Advertisements


You may get linked to our site from some of our advertisers, partners or third parties. We hereby declare that Meppayil Ventures Private Limited holds no liability or responsibility for any Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies of an such websites.


  1. Safety in terms of Payment


Meppayil Ventures Private Limited is committed to the safety of each of its customers and visitors to our website and believes in taking every measure possible to protect sensitive information shared with us. When you enter any information like Bank account details, debit or credit card details or mobile wallet details, the said information is encrypted and protected with a very secure and trusted software.

If any query about the protection of such data shall arise, please feel free to contact us at the given email address on this website.


  1. Legal Requirements


Should the need ever be, the company may disclose user information if required to do so by law.


  1. Merger or Acquisition


If Mypetbuddy is acquired by or merged with a third-party entity, the company preserves the right to transfer the information collected from users as part of the merger, acquisition or any other change of control.


  1. The Company’s policy on grievance redressal follows broadly the under noted principles:


  1. Customers be always treated fairly.
  2. Grievances raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time.
  3. Mypetbuddy will treat all grievances efficiently and fairly as they can damage the Company’s reputation and business if handled otherwise.
  4. The Company’s employees must work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests for the customer.
  5. Customers are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints / grievances within the organization and their rights to alternative remedy if they are not fully satisfied with the response of the Customer Support to their complaints.
  6. Registration of complaint

Customers can lodge / register his grievance through any of the following channels:


  1. Complaint in Person:

A customer can lodge a complaint in person at the Store by writing his complaint in the complaint book or giving a written letter to the Registered Office and obtaining an acknowledgement or drops the same via Email.

  1. Complaints through post / mail / email:

Customers can also submit their grievances by post to Mypetbuddy Registered office or through email at /