About Us

Mypetbuddy.in celebrates those delightful moments with your pets, those happy paws and wagging tails, furry feline buddies, chirpy birds and colorful fish in your homes. Those fantastic moments you have with your pets make you feel refreshed and energetic; the special feeling of having them around is an amazing thing.

Mypetbuddy.in is a portal for everything you need for your amazing pet buddy, to pamper and delight them, and make them happy. We have wide range of products to indulge your pet buddy with the best and ease the process of bringing home a pet buddy and creating a cherished experience.

Pet-wise, as the name says we deliver smart tips and give comprehensive information regarding all kinds of pets you already have, or are planning to bring home in the near future. By giving you quality and accurate information on food, fitness and grooming for your pet buddy, we ensure that they are fit and happy.


Buddy Forum– This is a forum where you can share your knowledge and experiences and those happy moments which you have had with your pet buddy and interact with other forum members regarding their experiences, exchange tips and have a delightful interaction.


Buddy Classifieds – This section is to reach out to pets who are lost or abandoned. We strive hard to find a permanent and happy home for the pets that are left astray and those which are in foster homes. This section also aides pet parents to sell their pets to interested owners.

Mypetbuddy.in is the best buddy to all pet parents out there. We are delighted to care for your pets.

For any queries or suggestions, drop us a line at –hello@mypetbuddy.in

Give us a call on – +91 9739676763

We would be Delighted to help you out !! Happy Petting.